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Consulting concept on Dry Erase BoardWhen you’re a client of AMS, one of the benefits you receive is a built in team of experts.

AMS is ready to provide Fulfillment Consulting on everything from 3rd party EDI providers to software systems to transportation solutions to packaging to inventory analysis. We know what’s available, what works, and what has best served our very diverse clientele.

Once you choose AMS as your fulfillment provider, the collaboration begins. Our expertise is a natural outcome of years of providing pro-active solutions for clients. No one could know what’s available in business process outsourcing better than AMS, because we do it every day. Our clients have chosen us for our unique brand of highly involved, quality-oriented fulfillment services. At AMS we utilize a partnership approach, always putting client success as the top consideration.

Some of the areas in which AMS provides consultation to its clients:

  • Postage/Freight recommendations we make to our clients based on product weight/dims. AMS has negotiated extraordinary shipping discounts with multiple carriers. In many cases the shipping discounts are so substantial that clients save enough on shipping to completely cover fulfillment services. In essence, your savings can make fulfillment services free.
  • InSync Operations Analysis, our methodology of maintaining each client-specific operating Pro Forma, provides insight into operating metrics of the past, present and future.
  • When a company transitions to AMS, we can recommend expert help in transition planning and project management.
  • We can refer our clients to the right 3rd party drayage (trucking) companies, customs brokers, printers, corrugate suppliers, and so on, to meet their specific needs.
  • Our in-house engineers and facility staff will serve as consultants on warehouse layout and design.
  • AMS will help our clients find efficiencies in inventory management by analyzing months on hand (MOH) and velocity by stock keeping unit (SKU), and warehousing in a way that keeps the clients’ facility footprint to a minimum, yet also controls the cost of inventory replenishment (restocking floor pick/pack locations).
  • We can recommend 3rd party Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) providers. Being fully aware of our clients’ needs, we can help them select a provider that will keep them up-to-date and optimized.
  • We can recommend 3rd party website shopping carts that will be suitable to the client’s needs. The AMS team can provide basic web design for clients who need to prepare a website.
  • We can recommend appropriate master carton label design to facilitate faster, more accurate receiving. Factory level labeling or printing on the shipping box is vital, and our expertise also applies to inner carton & individual items.
  • We can recommend the most effective packaging options for outgoing orders as well as incoming master/inner cartons. Our recommendations can contribute to the client’s bottom line as we seek efficiencies in all aspects of warehousing and order fulfillment.
  • Order and data flow recommendations come standard at AMS, where we work closely with the client to ensure a proper exchange of order and operating data from multiple orders sources (EDI, drop ship sources, shopping carts, retail orders through client ERP) and through multiple order management systems (client systems / AMS systems).

At AMS we work with our clients as their Fulfillment Consultant, in order to ensure their success. Contact us if you’re interested in knowing more about what we can do for you as your Fulfillment Services Provider.

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