Client Transition Process

Business StrategyManaging warehouse operations for multiple clients requires a well-planned, client-specific transition process.

Great Client Service relies heavily upon the transition process. AMS takes this to heart with the Client Transition Process (CTP). This means that the intricacies of a business, and the rules associated with managing that business, are determined, defined and documented as a unique CTP!

To ensure that each business we represent will be operated to the ultimate satisfaction of the client, we utilize a detailed and well established CTP

We begin by asking a series of questions and defining expectations for all applicable service areas and departments. The result is a transition plan and set of client-specific business rules for each new AMS client.

The information derived from the CTP is documented into an operations guidebook for the client to review and approve. This guidebook serves as a resource for all of the AMS Client Services team to utilize in managing warehouse operations and business activity. We continually update the guidebook as the business evolves to ensure that we continue to meet each client’s service expectations.

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