Case Study

Case Study #7
Case Study: CTP In Action At AMS – Starting From Ground Zero

AMS was asked to provide a complete warehousing, product packaging, order management, fulfillment services, distribution and returns-processing solution for a leading producer and wholesale distributor entertainment product.

When our client came to AMS, they were known to have one of the poorest distribution service operations in the entertainment media business. Within an 8-month span, AMS changed the fortunes of its entertainment client as they now are considered one of the top service organizations in the industry.

Learning The Client’s Business through CTP

How was AMS able to achieve such a dramatic turnaround? We started by working closely with the client in the CTP (Client Transition Process), asking questions and documenting their unique operational requirements, service expectations and company objectives. The client played a major role in the CTP as we spent numerous days in the development and implementation of a unique transition plan. We covered all facets of fulfillment operations during the CTP, and this process helped AMS deliver results that exceeded our client’s expectations…

  • All orders shipped within 24 hours (unless held for routing)
  • Logistics services designed to save days in transit while maximizing savings
  • Fill rates above 99% from a catalog of over 2000 products
  • 99.9% accuracy in the pick and pack or orders
  • Compliance with unique delivery procedures from hundreds of retailers, distributors and customers, large and small
  • Passionate inventory control procedures and technology
  • Sophisticated warehouse management systems
  • Client Services that communicates, integrates and cares!

Putting the CTP to work for you!

Today the AMS team stands ready to implement a winning solution for businesses in need of warehouse operations and fulfillment. Whether it’s product distribution to retail, direct-to-consumer fulfillment services, returns processing, product and promotional materials assembly or marketing materials/P-O-P fulfillment… AMS is committed to providing a quality-based operation that fits within your budget!

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