AMS Recognizes Employees of the Month

Posted by AMS / Tuesday, July 12, 2016

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FullSizeRenderCongratulations to the AMS Fulfillment Employees of the Month for June 2016! We are very pleased and proud to recognize Maria B., Fidencio G., Nikolous L., Jeff D., Angel P. and Alejandro M.

AMS has a number of facilities, and every month we receive nominations from each facility. All facilities are in Valencia, CA, city of Santa Clarita. The nominations and comments demonstrate that the individual being recognized has done an outstanding job during the month, and deserves to thanked and appreciated for not only doing a job well, but for caring enough to go above and beyond. With that said, it is a pleasure to recognize the following “Employees of the Month”. Our people are much more to us than human resources… we are the AMS family.


Maria B., H.R. Business Partner (April 2016)
HQ Office: 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Maria has become a valued team member who has exceeded my expectations in her role. She has made several suggestions that have had a positive impact on the business such as to name the AMS training room, assist her fellow HR team members to help with the hiring volume increase and streamline the employee of the month program process. Maria has also developed a positive rapport with management and employees. She always arrives before the start of her shift and works until the task is completed.

Maria has only been in her role a short time here at AMS, but she has made significant contributions since coming on board. She has provided stability, legitimacy and expert level consultative services to our employees. This is a much needed role and Maria has gone above and beyond our expectations by providing professional accountability, thorough documentation and process improvements. She is always looking for new and better ways to improve our service to our valued employees. Maria is a great team player. She has committed and contributed, with enthusiasm, to any task or project that could use her assistance, even if it is outside her scope of expertise. She embodies the type of team values that we strive to achieve here at AMS.

Fidencio G., Shipping Clerk (April 2015)
HQ Warehouse: 29010 Commerce Center Drive

Fidencio is a hard worker and a very helpful individual who takes full responsibility in handling his duties. He never complains, always is in a good mood and is friendly to his fellow fulfillment employees.

Nikolous L., General Warehouse (March 2012)
IND1: 28220 Industry Drive

To watch Nick work is an inspiration. His enthusiasm, integrity, attention to detail and overall care and concern when it comes to the client and their product is truly inspiring. This is not something you come across every day in your workplace or life in general. This man is a tremendous asset not only to AMS as a company, but I would argue that by extension, he is an asset to the entire community through his hard work and dedication to doing a great job on a consistent and daily basis. It is a pleasure to watch him work every time I visit the warehouse. He is always eagerly pushing through his daily workload and feeding the shipping belts with the customer orders. Nick’s demeanor and eagerness never subside; he is always polite and jovial and always staying productive and active.

If any employee at this company, or any company for that matter, deserved this accolade, it is Nikolous. He is an outstanding person and employee. His dedication to the clients’ orders is excellent and he knows where all 100+ NHL-MLB-NFL stickers are just by memory. He is always focused on his work and is keeping with the growth of the client with ease. Nick is truly an awesome employee and we always look forward to seeing him.

Jeff D., Shipping Clerk (April 2016)
WIT2: 28624 Witherspoon Parkway

Jeff does an excellent job every day. He accomplishes every task given to him in a timely manner. Jeff also has outstanding attendance, a great attitude and is very organized. It a great pleasure to have him on the AMS team.

Angel P., Janitorial (July 2011)
WIL: 28936 Ave Williams

Angel is always aware of areas where his help is needed, and when he gets a task he does it right away with no hesitation. Angel keeps everything clean and he is always willing to help. He works with a positive attitude and is such a hard worker. He comes in every day with a positive and eager-to-work attitude.

Alejandro M., Receiving/Inventory Clerk (February 2016)
SCO3: 27801 Avenue Scott

Alejandro has been on our Receiving/Inventory team for a short time and has turned out to be one of our best. We can give him any task and he completes it as fast as possible and will ask, “what’s next”. He is a great addition to our team. Alejandro is a very fast learner and is always willing to learn more. I can trust that when he is given a task it will be done on time and accurately. He has taken the lead on a few inventory projects and has delivered as if he has been working with us for years. Alejandro is truly a great addition to our team.

AMS is a large company with a lot of fulfillment employees, and one might think in such an environment it’s hard to notice and give credit to individuals. But we have chosen a different route in growing to this size: from the beginning and to this day we value a close environment that takes note of and cares about the people who work here, their wellbeing, and their job satisfaction. Our employees are the reason for our success. Employees of the Month recognition is meant to be a sincere Thank You from the AMS Fulfillment Family!

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