Action Sports

Action SportsAt AMS we thoroughly enjoy Sporting Goods and Action Sports Fulfillment. We understand the nuances of snow/surf/skate fulfillment, and… serving our Action Sports Industry clients is simply a ton of fun!

AMS has a special presence in Sports Fulfillment as we handle skate shoes, skateboard apparel and accessories, skateboards (completes, decks and wheels), snowboards, boots and bindings, snow skates, in-store POP and more. We have found the people in the industry very enjoyable to work with, and we greatly appreciate our action sports fulfillment clients.

We ship a wide variety of surf/snow/skate lifestyle and fashion brands to thousands of retailers including many smaller stores and chains, and many larger retail chains as well. Our fulfillment professionals are well aware of the complexities of sporting goods fulfillment and the importance of protecting the integrity of every item throughout the process of warehousing, picking, packing and shipping.

Sporting goods and action sports fulfillment comes with its own set of industry-specific requirements, and storing and shipping snowboards takes a special understanding. The fulfillment service company must take care that boards do not get warped in storage by improper stacking, and that they do not sustain any damage in transit. Another complexity in fulfillment is the subtle variances in length and grade of snowboards which require care to be taken in shipping the correct board. Handling is important as well, as an “A” grade board can quickly be turned into a “B” grade through improper handling.

AMS Fulfillment has a thorough knowledge of the ins and outs of sports fulfillment, and a strong presence in the industry.

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