ISO Compliance

Say what you do…Do what you say…Prove It! In simple terms, what ISO Compliance means is that a company says what it does, does what it says, and proves it.

We operate our business based on one of the most stringent quality standards – the ISO9001:2008. ISO 9001 is part of a family of standards published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The objective of the ISO is to provide a set of requirements that, when effectively implemented by a company, give clients full confidence that their needs and expectations will be met and the company has complied with applicable regulations.

AMS became an ISO compliant fulfillment services company by establishing a systematic approach to quality management, documenting processes and procedures in all function areas, and managing our business to ensure that the needs of our clients are clearly understood, agreed to and fulfilled. So for AMS, compliance with ISO 9001 has been a natural outcome of our commitment to meeting the operational needs of our clients.

ISO Compliance for AMS covers a wide range of quality initiatives, including our top management commitment to quality, our customer focus, our employee competence, the adequacy of our resources, our process management for service delivery and relevant administrative and support processes, our quality planning, and our review of incoming orders.

The ISO requirements also cover the process we use to resolve customer complaints, our corrective/preventive actions, employee training, our monitoring and measurement of all processes and our drive toward continual improvement of the Quality Management System. Last but not least, there is a requirement that we monitor our clients’ perceptions about the quality of our services.

AMS is proud to be an ISO compliant fulfillment services company. To us this means that we do more than offer or promise – we ensure! Making ISO compliance a part of our Quality Management System means that we can ensure our clients that we understand their needs, we agree to meet their needs, we will fulfill our commitment to them, and we can prove it!

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